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4 reasons why you should do a Great Ocean Road sunset tour

The Great Ocean Road is the fourth most popular place to visit in Australia. Your great ocean road tour departs Melbourne and travels along this meandering road, which kisses the beaches of Victoria, flows through a stunning national park and Apostles that stand out from the ocean. There is no wonder why it is a beautiful place to visit, but here are some reasons why you should opt for a Great Ocean Road sunset tour.

1) The Lie In

With our normal Great Ocean Road tours and also our reverse tour the normal pick up time is around 7.15am, where as the sunset tour your pick up will be around 11 am. So whether you’re battling with jet lag, struggle with sleep or just like to visit Melbourne’s world famous bars to the early hours, the sunset tour will allow you to get those extra of couple hours vital sleep.


Chocolate Time

Do you like chocolate? Do you like award-winning chocolate and ice cream? On this tour, we swing by the world famous Great Ocean Road Chocolatiers, with its quirky vibe you’ll find yourself singing songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in no time. A little tip, try out the free tasting bowls


Crowds…Well No Crowds

Where is everyone you’ll be asking because you’re the back of the pack all the other tours are 3 hours ahead meaning they’ll just be you and the 22 other likeminded people and our incredibly knowledgeable guides on the road. Giving you those postcard moments without having to push through the crowd.

The Sunset Of Course

Well, it is called a sunset tour after all. Soaking up the last part of the day as the sun descends what better place to be than the most iconic part of the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles. These magnificent limestone stacks are jaw dropping beautiful and compliment that with a sunset then you have a picture perfect moment that will stay with you a lifetime.

We love helping out people to go travelling around Victoria, Australia, so we have released 5 discount codes to save you $10 on this tour. Just add code GORSFB10 in the checkout and see if you have got yourself one of those discounts.

1 Day Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour & Chocolates

Enjoy one of the world’s most spectacular coastal drives! Leaving Melbourne around lunchtime we pass through the surf coast to see some of Southern Australia’s beautiful beaches. Twist and wind along the spectacular Great Ocean Road Sunset tour enjoying awesome coastal photo opportunities. Visiting the brand new and stunning Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, where we enjoy the delicious complimentary chocolate samples.  Along the way stop to see cuddly koalas in the wild.

Travel to Apollo Bay for la quick break, check out the magnificent Southern Ocean. After the stop stretch those legs whilst exploring an ancient rainforest, and admire some of the world’s tallest trees in the Great Otway National Park. Travel through rolling hills toward Port Campbell National Park and the breathtaking towering limestone stacks known as the 12 Apostles. Learn about the tragic tales of the Shipwreck coast and view remarkable rock formations at Loch Ard Gorge. 

Reflect on an action packed day full of nature walks, wildlife, surf beaches, incredible rock formations and spectacular coastal views heading towards Melbourne. Stop in the township of Colac a small Western District of Victoria for dinner (own expense).

Detailed Itinerary of the Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour

Experience the utopia of Australian sunset, wildlife, and sweet delights with us and join in our Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour.  Whoop it up to Australia’s spectacular coastal drive at the Great Ocean Road. Snap some poses at the historic Memorial Arch. Taste the distinct sweetness of Victorian chocolates. Delight in the natural beauty of the picturesque coastal towns of Lorne, Anglesea, and Apollo Bay. Stroll along the beach at Loch Ard Gorge and bask in the sunset at the iconic 12 Apostles.   

e leave Melbourne around lunchtime and drive along the scenic Great Ocean Road. Relish the moment as we wind our way along one of the world’s thrilling and spectacular coastal drives. Enjoy the amazing coastal vistas of pristine beaches and raging surf waters of the Southern Ocean. Take your time to take some amazing shots of the scenery.

As you snap some photos under the sign of the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch, learn about the history of the road. Completed in 1932, the Great Ocean Road, by the way, is a war memorial. So appreciate the sacrifices of the servicemen who fought during the World War One. 

We visit one of Victoria’s best chocolate factories, the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery where you can have free samples of their handcrafted chocolates and ice creams. Enjoy the sweet delights as you watch chocolatiers creatively crafting the best chocolates and ice creams with passion. Shop some goodies for your loved ones or try a cup of their hot chocolate.

We drive through the resort coastal townships of Anglesea and Lorne and travel to the picturesque town of Apollo Bay on the east side of the Cape Otway for a quick break. Then walk through the Great Otway National Park to explore the towering ancient trees, beautiful wildflowers and lush vegetation, various varieties of lovely birds, and different species of exotic wildlife. Encounter the cuddly koalas and other wild animals in their natural habitat.  

Feel and breathe the salty southern ocean breeze as we head to Port Campbell National Park for the breathtakingly towering limestone stacks known as the 12 Apostles. Feel the sand between your toes as you take a walk to the scenic and charming Loch Ard Gorge. Hear the tragic tale of the Loch Ard shipwreck and learn more about the coast’s other maritime tragedies. Get lost in the sandy beaches, roaring surfs, and majestic cliffs.

Finally, the heart and soul of Great Ocean Road sunset tour and adventure! Witness the changing colors of the sky and sea as the sun slowly sinks behind the giant limestones to be one with the southern ocean. Relish the moment and drown yourself in the experience of one of Australia’s most beautiful southern sunsets. Try to resist your urge to take the best photos of the sunset at the 12 Apostles. 

When you reflect on your Great Ocean Road sunset tour, it’s going to be full of action, adventure, and sweet delights. On our way back to Melbourne we stop by the town of Colac, a small western district of Victoria for dinner. This time, meals are at your own expense.  

Wear warm/cool clothing, hat, sunscreen, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Please also bring your drinking water, swimmers (summer months), and money for dinner. Take your camera with you as well as your passion for fun and adventure.

Inclusive of this Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour package is all entry fees and chocolate tastings. We provide you with a friendly, entertaining, and informative tour guide. Our experienced bus driver picks you up and drops you off at your inner city hotel.

Adventure with us, create unforgettable memories and take some amazing shots of the journey. However, be always reminded of the main purpose of the trip — to experience the great view and to have fun.  

  • Dinner is at own expense
  • Add Eureka Skydeck & Edge Exp. (ET) + $30
What to bring on a Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Warm clothing
  • Swimmers (summer months)
  • Camera
  • Money for dinner

“Its a great memory forever….thanks very much Autopia! I def recommend it to anyone that want to see a bit more around Melbourne.” Ampay – Netherlands

“We took a one-day-Great Ocean Road tour and our tour guide, Campbell, was super! He was knowledgeable, hilarious, and very entertaining. it was really a fun tour. Although we were picked up very early in the morning, it was sooo worth it. Highly recommended.” Franzi – Germany

“I went on the one day Great Ocean Road tour and Simon the guide made sure the day fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and kept us all entertained!” Kris – England

“The 1 day Great Ocean road tour was fantastic! The tour guide, Teagan, was really great and very friendly. She stopped at all of the sights and gave us ample time to explore.” Yukiko – Japan

At Autopia Tours we actively promote the protection of flora and fauna on our Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour.  It is our duty to ensure there is minimal disturbance to this National Heritage Listed region and the species that call it home.  Cultural sensitivity and respect for the traditional owners should also be shown at all times.

Part of our responsibility is educating guests on minimal impact practices and the importance of ensuring the safety of wildlife and the environmental sustainability of the destinations we visit.

1. Autopia Tours would like to begin by paying our respects to the traditional owners of this country, with specific acknowledgement to the Wadawurrung, Gulidjan, Gadubanud, Wathaurong, Djargurdwurung and Giraiwurung people.  Please be conscious and respectful of the sensitivities of indigenous culture and the spiritual connection they have with the land at all times.  

2. All our guides carry a current Level 2 First Aid certificate. Please report any accident or illness to your tour guide.  We recommend anyone with an existing medical condition to carry their medication with them on tour and to notify their tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

3. All buses are fitted with waste bins. No organic waste should be disposed of onto the ground. Although organic, items such as banana peels, apple cores, bread and other food scraps, are not natural/native to the region and can introduce pest species, diseases or harm to wildlife if found and eaten.

4. The natural behaviours of wildlife are to be respected and not interfered with. When viewing wildlife, people should take care to avoid rapid or sudden movements, which could frighten the animal, and should keep noise to a minimum and refrain from touching, petting or feeding all wildlife including birds. Contact with people can introduce diseases to wildlife and can cause them to become aggressive.

5. People should remain on designated walking tracks, behind safety barriers/fences and follow all directions given by the guide/tour leader. Venturing off these can alter fragile ecosystems and can harm wildlife shelters and native vegetation.  There are other dangers to be aware of too, such as cliff edges, unstable rock formations, overhanging tree branches and slippery ground cover. Remaining on tracks ensures safe visitation for guests and the environment.

6. Wildlife should not be handled or fed, unless by certified wildlife handlers. Feeding wildlife can alter their natural foraging behaviour and can lead to disease or illness through contact with people and the introduction of foods that are harmful to their digestive system. Remaining on tracks ensures safe visitation for guests and the environment. Feeding wildlife can also cause them to become aggressive towards people.

7. No flora or fauna should be removed from their natural setting. This includes dead wood, fallen leaves, flowers and so forth, as they form part of the ecosystem of the region and their removal could cause disturbance.

8. Wildlife that appears to be in distress, injured or in danger should be reported immediately to the appropriate authority, such as your Guide/Tour Leader, a National Park Ranger, Visitor Centre Staff or Wildlife Victoria Rescue Ph:1300 094 535.

9. If you are a smoker! We ask you to refrain from smoking whilst in the company of other passengers and limit it to designated smoking areas.  Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles, or in any type of accommodation including permanent campsites. We make frequent ‘comfort stops’ to allow free time for guests but cannot guaranteed smoke breaks. Please ensure you dispose of your cigarette butt responsibly and appropriately.

10. Bring a water bottle with you on our Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour.  Purchasing bottled water contributes large amounts of plastic into landfill.  Therefore, we ask guests to bring their own bottle, as there is access to water refill stations available on our vehicles.  Please ensure you stay hydrated throughout the tour to reduce the risk of sun exposure and dehydration.

Learn more about EcoTourism: