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Take a 140-kilometer drive toward the south-southeast of Melbourne and you will reach Phillip Island which is known for its famous penguin parade, fur seals, racing circuit, surf beaches, and native wildlife. With 60 miles of coastline, there’s a lot to explore on the island.

Exploring the island to learn more about what it has in its store for you, one day of stay would not be enough. But for starters, here’s my list of the things you can do on Phillip Island:

  1. Visit a chocolate factory. Try some samples of handcrafted chocolates at Panny’s Chocolate Shop, and visit their factory to see their chocolatiers at work. They craft the best chocolate you can find on the island.
  1. Take a look at the Grand Prix Circuit. It is where the motor racing action happens. With a course length of around 6 miles per lap, the race track has been the venue of the Australian Grand Prix and many other significant motor races.
  1. Get up close and personal with native wildlife. See the koalas, kangaroos, and other wild animals at the island’s wildlife park. You can also visit the Koala Conservation Centre to learn more about the lazy but fluffy koalas.
  1. Spot some seals at the Seal Rocks. At the island’s western tip located 2 kilometers off the coast of the Nobbies, witness the playful fur seals wrestling with each other, cooling off in the water, or feeding their young on the rocky surface of the Seal Rocks. The area is a colony of 30,000 seals making it one of the largest seal colonies in southern Australia.
  1. Have fun in the surf. Phillip Island’s southern beaches are ideal for surfing. With regular big waves all throughout the year, the island was declared a National Surfing Reserve of Victoria. For thrill seekers and pro surfers, Woolamai’s strong current and swelling waves would test your mettle at surfing.
  1. Picnic by the beach and take a dip in the shallows. If you’re not into surfing and you just want a relaxing seaside excursion, then head to the northern beaches of the island. Dip yourself in the cool and pristine waters, or just have a picnic by the beach with your family and friends.
  1. Set on a virtual journey into the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic. In partnership with WWF, Autopia will take you on a virtual adventure to experience and learn more about the wild and marine life of the southernmost hemisphere.
  1. Watch the penguin parade. Your visit to the island would not be complete without seeing the main stars of the day: the little penguins. Witness the spectacle as the blue-feathered fairy penguins of Phillip Island waddling back to their nests in the dunes at sunset. These seabirds marching in groups are such a wonder to behold.