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Is everyday life starting to become a grind? Do you need a holiday but don’t know where to go? Are you a wildlife fanatic, adventurer, or do you seek the culture and sophistication of wine tastings in vineyards? Don’t worry about going overseas, Australia has all that and more!

Australia is a country that most people dream of visiting but, although we’re lucky enough to live here, most Australians don’t manage to take the time to explore! We think it’s time that this changed so here’s our three step guide to exploring our amazing country.

Step 1: Choose where you want to go

Australia is an incredible country with a diverse range of habitats as well as unique animals and cultures to explore. The first step to planning your Australian adventure is deciding where you want to go and what you want to see.

Are you looking for a day trip closer to home, or a week-long adventure? Do you want to get out and see nature or are you looking for more of a luxurious long weekend? Whether it’s turtles in Exmouth, Penguins on Phillip Island, seeing the Great Ocean Road at sunset, visiting Peninsula Hot Springs, or heading out on a wine tasting tour of Yarra Valley, you can choose the perfect trip to suit you.

Step 2: Pack your bags

The kit that you bring with you could make or break your adventure. If you’re heading out on an exciting day trip, you might want to invest in a couple of travel mini bags, or a small dslr camera bag for travel. If you’re heading out further afield, you’re going to need to pack more belongings and might want to buy an anti theft bag for your security and peace of mind, or even a travel bag with charging port to make sure you’re always fully charged so you can capture every memory.

ALPAKA are the design pioneers of the sling messenger bag, travel mini bag, and anti theft travel bag so you can choose the perfect bag for your family and your adventure. If you’re going on a shorter break, you’ll be looking for a day bag so a sling bag for travel could be perfect for you. The Go Sling Pro will keep you organised with three compartments, removable dividers, extra pockets for essentials such as keys, coins, and cards, and an easily adjustable strap so it’s comfy to carry. Even better: this photo messenger bag comes with anti theft features including lockable zippers and a key tether and can be easily converted into a small dslr camera bag for travel with a velvet lined main compartment to protect against damage.

For a weekend away, you may be looking for a bigger bag to hold your clothes as well as a sling travel bag for your essentials. It’s so important to make sure you invest in an anti theft travel bag for your peace of mind, especially if you have to leave your luggage in a dorm while you’re out adventuring. If you’re big into your tech, consider a sling travel bag with charging port to keep your gadgets and gizmos fully charged all day. The ALPAKA Air Sling is a sling travel bag that comes fully equipped with anti theft features including a key tether, rear compartment for valuables, and slashproof material to protect your belongings, while still managing to remain super stylish, comfortable, and functional!

Step 3: Make memories

Once you buy and pack your anti theft bag, it’s time to hit the road! Make sure you bring your biggest smile and your sense of adventure and make some amazing memories exploring our incredible country.

We think you’ll love travelling with your ALPAKA bag on one of these tours: